Bold Foot Washer

Innovation is all about making tasks simpler and this specialized Bold ablution foot washer does just that. The first of its kind, this wudu (ablution) foot washer is convenient and hygienic to use and is designed to allow ablution to be performed comfortably while the person is standing. It can be used by adults and children and is especially useful in assisting the aged, pregnant women and physically challenged.
The Bold Foot Washer is quick and simple to set up and easily connects to water and drainage systems without the need for a professional plumber or power source. This foot washer uses minimal water – less than 500 ml for both feet – so you can save your resources. It dispenses 12 seconds of cool cleaning mist easily by just a push of the pedal. The Bold foot washer for ablution allows you and your family to perform Wudu easily without wasting or spilling water around the washroom.