Kalde was founded in 1977 and after a short time it has turned into a company
manufacturing for Turkey’s major industrial organizations by coming to the
forefront with its product quality and business approach.
At the end of the 1990’s Kalde managed to rank among the world’s leading
industrial organizations with its experience in metal manufacturing, high
production capacity and export power.

In the 2000’s, it evolved the role of ‘system builder’ within
the industry by making new investments in plastic pipes and plumbing systems.
Turning into a manufacturer of the leading plumbing systems in the world with its
handy – innovative products, integrated solutions and applications which facilitates
its customers in their work, today Kalde has reached its goal to produce
‘Lasting Value’;and in accordance with this goal it is continuing to take new steps.

  • 1977     Kalde was founded.
    Brass parts began to be produced for air conditioners.
  • 2002     Export department was established.
    The production of PP pipe and articulation component was started.
  • 2006     A new factory was opened for the pipe production.
  • 2007     In the list of Turkey’s largest exporters it ranked number 199.
  • 2008     The production of PP products with glass fibre was started.
    It increased to number 164 in the list of Turkey’s largest exporters.
  • 2009     Berke plastic, the manufacturer of PVC, joined the structure of Kalde.
    It was turned into one of Turkey’s top 500 industrial enterprises.
    Corrugated pipes and irrigation systems started to be produced.
  • 2010     The ball valve product range was extended.
  • 2012     A silent waste water pipe system started to be produced.
  • 2013     Panel radiator started to be produced.


Dadex was established as a public limited company in 1959.

Headquartered in Karachi, our two manufacturing facilities, based in Karachi and
Hyderabad, are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. Dadex also has its own
rubber plant located within Karachi Factory, producing high quality rubber rings
(according to international standards) for our pipes. www.dadex.com

At Dadex it’s about innovation, quality, reliability and customer support – all
reigned by our intrinsic commitment to being industry leaders. Today we continue
to be the pioneer in the industry by offering superior products for architecture,
telecommunications, infrastructure, construction and housing.
Catering to public, industrial, commercial, private, consumer and grower segments
in addition to the export markets our products serve a cross section of requirements.
With over 50 years of serving versatile markets, we stand stronger and committed than
ever before.Our strength lies in pre-empting customer expectations and product demands.
It is this anticipation of market needs and our unwavering commitment to ethical
practices that places us as a reliable source for quality products.


popular-pprc-picturePopular PPR-C Pipes & Fittings is one of the most durable building product for hot,
cold and chilled water supply. Popular PPR-C is the solution to water distribution
problems and replacement of rusty pipes.
(Made by best European Raw material)
Size Range: 20mm to 110mm with complete Fitting


Master PPRC Pipes & Fittings is the only Pakistani brand which is equivalent
rather above any international PPRC brands available in the country and now by the
grace of Al Mighty it has become a “word of mouth” among quality conscious consumers
in a very short span of time due to its unmatched quality, availability and competitive price.


  • Equally durable for supply of hot and cold water
  • Recommended for residential and commercial projects
  • Keeps water temperature normal in extreme weather condition
  • Manufactured with pure food-grade material ensuring pollution free water in its original conditionCorrosion resistant
  • Reduce noise in low and high water-flow
  • Technically designed to give convenient and reliable installation
  • Helpful gripping that eases welding work
  • Constant hydrostatic strength


Technical Specification


  • Taper-Fitting with self locking facility that prevent leakage
  • Socket-fusion jointing
  • Spectrocast analyzed food grade brass
  • Standarad fitting-depth for easy-going welding process
  • Turning & Machining on automatic CNC lathes
  • Use of forged brass rods
  • Complete range from 20 to 110mm
  • 2.5 mp pressure rating (25 bar)
  • High-precision moulding on computerized injection moulding machines
  • user friendly jointing due to smooth corner (no sharp edges)
  • ISO 15874 DIN 8077 DIN 8078 PPRC
  • Standard dimensions according to DIN 16962
  • Impact-strength tested
  • Ovality-tested pipes